Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marketing: A Love Letter

This was originally going to be my debut post, because I feel it's a good introduction to me and how I look at the world of marketing, but my previous post was much more topical and I wanted to get that out while it was still relevant.

I love marketing.  I think it is a fascinating art, and it's a social art at that.  What do I mean by "social art?"  I will explain(because what else would I do with my blog?).

Everyone has their own definition of "art."  To me, "art" means a mastery of all the little details of a job that make the difference when it comes to quality.  If you're making a table, for example, you turn it into an art by knowing all the little tricks that go into making a table sturdy and level that an ordinary person wouldn't know about.

"Fine art" is when you communicate an idea or emotion using those details.  A poet will choose just the right words, a painter will put in just the right splash of color, and the observer will get the emotion or idea that the artist is trying to get across.

Not every marketing campaign will seem like it's trying to be emotional.  Some of the most successful campaigns are simply fliers stating, "Shirts for $X."  But even then a skilled marketer will carefully choose the font, color, image, arrangement, and many other details to effectively get across the idea that these shirts are a good value.

When marketing is done right, every paragraph is a poem, every image a portrait, every display a sculpture, every meal a banquet, every paycheck a fortune, every formation a parade!  I LOVE the corps!

Sorry, I got a little carried away and started quoting from Aliens.  Won't happen again.

Marketing done well is fine art.  But unlike other types of art, it is not meant to merely be pondered for a while before moving on to the next piece.  It is meant to move the observer to action.  It's a way for brands to communicate to customers, and it gives customers a means to communicate back.  In the past that's been with their wallets or some other way of showing general support for the brand, but now with social media that communication can be very direct.

That is what makes marketing so cool.  Where other arts are narcissistic, broadcasting their message and not caring what you do after, marketing is extremely social, passing along it's message and asking you to respond.  In fact, without that response, marketing becomes worthless.  Fine art joined with social interaction.  I love it.

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